TRICHOTOMY: The division into/the relationship between 3 elements.
The poles (male/female, right/wrong, life/death...), & the spectrum, the grey area that begins & ends with them.
Exploring this relationship; visually, in execution & structure; as a way to challenge binary conception. 
Choreographer Ania Catherine blurs the gender/sexuality lines through bodies & movement.

Directed by Alexandre Souêtre
Director of Photography: Ryan Neddeau + Ariel Fisher + Luke Orlando
Performers: Lydia Purves Ware, Ty Wells & KONA
Choreographer: Ania Catherine
Produced by Mike Burgess
Gaffer: Taylor Leach
Key Grip: David Stoessel
Grip: Donny Watson
Makeup Artist: Lili Kaytmaz
Stylist: Kevin Dinh
Scoring: Alexandre Souêtre
Production Assistants: Kristin Deitrich, Randy May & Maxim Smirnov
Special Thanks: Owslagoods, STAMPD & Richard Horgan